The story behind the event:  9 years ago, I watched my sister in law holding her daughter that God decided he needed more.  I remember being in this small room with all the immediate family kissing her goodbye.  McKenzie looked so peaceful then.  I could finally see how beautiful this angel was.  She was born premature at 28 weeks weighing 1 pound 4 ounces.  For 19 days, she fought so hard, smothered with tubes, fighting to stay alive.  Faith is a very powerful thing.  I was sure she would pull through.  The day before she passed away, I remember my sister in law calling my brother from the NICU excited to tell him McKenzie now weighed 2 pounds!  She was so fragile and I was too.  There are pain and memories I hope I never experience again.  My brother and sister in law are high school sweet hearts. They would have done everything they could have to keep her alive.  It took a while to understand why.  Why I had to watch my niece fight for her life only to lose, why I had to watch my brother and sister in law carry their child to her grave.  Watching McKenzie fight, made me realize how special life is.  We only get one.  She opened my eyes.  Life is short.  McKenzie had the biggest impact in my life.  I was not able to save her but I made a promise, I would do everything I could do to save other babies like her.  They need me.  Us.  Together, we can bring more babies home!

Baseball for Babies™ was founded in memory of McKenzie Reese Sinisi by the Sinisi Family.  Baseball for Babies™ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing more babies home by providing financial aid to families and medical providers of premature babies.  My brother, Vincent Sinisi was the first baseman on the 2003 Rice Owls Championship and we are forever grateful to the Rice Athletic Department for partnering with us and starting this endeavor with us.

XOXO- Angelica (Sinisi) Amaro