Add Baseball For Babies to your Kroger Rewards Charity


  1.  Login to your Kroger Account at www.kroger.com
  2. Go to My Account (far right)
  3. Scroll to the bottom to select enroll in Community Rewards
  4. Add Baseball For Babies
  5. You are all done and only have to do it once!  A portion of your shopping will be donated to us:)

Add Amaro-Sinisi Foundation to your Amazon Smile Charity


  1. Login to your account at https://smile.amazon.com/ (it’s the same as your Amazon login)
  2. Click Account & List (far right)
  3. Click Your AmazonSmile on the right
  4. Add Amaro-Sinisi Foundation
  5. You are all done!  You must got to the url https://smile.amazon.com/ to shop, to accumulate proceeds for the charity.  (it’s the same exact site as Amazon)